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  • Chinese paraglider pilot successfully flies over Mount Everest

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  • RED BULL X-ALPS 2023:The Prologue of junming song

    The one day pre-event race starts at 11am CET of the Red Bull X-Alps competition, Song Junming made an impressive start。 Despite the challenges of uncertain weather conditions and difficult terrain, Song Junming remained focused and pushed himself to the limit。 showing a strategic approach to the competition。 Overall, Song Junming has proven himself to …

  • Junming Song eliminated his opponent by hiking 74 kilometers using the Night Pass

    As the first time Chinese people have participated in the Redbull X-Alps competition, thousands of Chinese people are constantly monitoring the situation of the Song competition. Watching this competition in China is difficult because of network issues, but people are thinking of various ways to get the latest news. Song landed around 15:30 on Day …



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