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Paragliding fly the Great Wall

Great Wall paragliding Imagine flying over one of the most impressive man-made buildings on Earth. Now you can! Come and join us on this exclusive area and have a blast!This unique landscape is now accessible to all pilots, providing some requirements are fulfilled. Come from May to October in order to profit from the best conditions in this region. 

The take-off is a quite technical place next to the Great Wall. China has some strict airspace management, requiring applications and flight records one day in advance, so we will take care of the bureaucracy for you. Conditions are normally good from 12 to 4 pm.

The Experience

Our team has worked a lot to create the most perfect place to host people who like to travel for paragliding. Everything has been thought and designed to enable you to spend peaceful, relaxing and unique paragliding holidays. After your amazing flying day, you can enjoy our traditional chinese food and chinese tea! china local pilots are very friendly. When it’s not flyable, there are several alternative Attractions…

Be assured that you will enjoy the atmosphere whether you come alone, with friends or with your family. We are happy to welcome you in our little paradise.

I have 10 years of flying experience in beijing and will guide you to our best places and take offs, and help you make the best out of your flying day. We fly all year round, but usually the best season is from May to October. Once you take off you will understand why it is so overwhelming to fly inGreat Wall .

Who is this Clinic for?

-Licensed Paragliding Pilots (minimum 100 flights) -Longing to fly the Great Wall

Getting there

The nearest airport is Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) – distant 63km from Great Wall. Pick-up and drop-off is included in the package, you just need to let us know in advance.We will arrange your airport transfers.

Great Wall hoetel
Look! take off site
Great Wall hoetel
Our yard
Great Wall hoetel
Guest Room
Great Wall hoetel
Guest Room


We will stay at walking distance from the Great Wall. You can expect all amenities including a great selection and bar. You can use all the facilities in the house. Acommodation is included with half-board. It consists of a double room. If you need other alternatives about accommodation just mention them during the booking process. Check optional services for the different possibilities.
Accommodation at the foot of the Great Wall

Different rooms, different accommodation styles, different prices, of course we can also choose to camp on the Great Wall.。The accommodation is conveniently located just below the take-off ground

If you want to fly the Great Wall

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